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10 Critical Questions You Must Ask Yourself

by Roosevelt

Wisdom is not about knowing all the answers; it’s about asking the right questions.  In the long run, the simple questions you ask yourself on a regular basis will determine the type of person you become.

So today, ask yourself…

  1. What do I appreciate about my life? – Think of your lifestyle as a diet.  You fill it with the fuel that’s going to keep you performing at your highest level.  Supplementing your daily routine with positivity can only make you stronger.  Because once you replace negative thoughts with positive ones, you will start having more positive results.  And over time, as this habit helps you reduce stress, release your hurt, and not take things so personally, you will not only feel better, you will look younger and live longer too.  Read The Happiness Project.
  2. Am I spending time with the right people? – There are over seven billion people in the world right now; don’t let a handful of negative ones ruin your happiness.  No, you can’t choose every person you meet in life, but you can choose who you spend your time with.  So be thankful for the people who walk into your life and make it better, but also be thankful for freedom to walk away from the ones who don’t.
  3. What are my gut instincts telling me? – Never apologize for what you feel and what you don’t feel; that’s a betrayal of your truth.  No matter how much advice people give you, sometimes you have to feel things out for yourself, make decisions on your own, experience things firsthand, and build your own conclusions from the ground up the old fashion way.
  4. What can I do right now to move forward with my goals? – If you don’t like where you are, then change it.  You are not a tree.  It’s not enough to just have potential, you also need to figure out what you want to do with it, and then you need to take action.  There are no ‘shoulds,’ just free choices.  Decide to be one of those people who pull it off.  Do what you say you’re going to do.  Rise to your potential.  Read Getting Things Done.
  5. Am I selling myself short? – If you’re not being treated with love and respect, check your price tag.  Perhaps you subconsciously marked yourself down.  Because it’s YOU who tells others what you’re worth by showing them what you are willing to accept for your time and attention.  So get off the clearance rack.  If you don’t value yourself, no one else will either.
  6. How am I affecting the people in my life? – Your words are truly powerful.  So when you speak, make sure you use your words to lift people up, and never put them down.  Respect people’s feelings, because even if it doesn’t mean anything to you, it might mean everything to them.  Too often we underestimate the power of a touch, a smile, a kind word, a listening ear, an honest compliment, or the smallest act of caring – all of which have the potential to turn a life around.
  7. Am I holding on to something I need to let go of? – Throughout your lifetime people will upset you, disrespect you, and treat you poorly.  Let them be; let karma deal with the cruel things they have done.  Hatred and negativity filling your heart and mind will only consume your potential.  You will begin to heal and grow emotionally when you let go of these past hurts, excuse the people who have wronged you, and forgive yourself for your misjudgments.
  8. Who deserves to be forgiven? – Whoever said revenge is sweet never tasted the sweetness of forgiveness.  We often talk about how we’re better off without some people in our lives, and this can be true.  But you should still build forgiveness into your character.  Leave enough room in your heart to forgive those that deserve another chance.  Sometimes people make terrible mistakes and learn from them; and sometimes relationships temporarily split only to reunite twice as strong as they were before.
  9. What are my fears stopping me from doing? – You gain strength, confidence, and emotional growth by living through every experience in which you are forced to stop and look fear in the face.  And once the face-off is over and you realize you’re still breathing, you must say to yourself, “I have lived through this and I am OK.  I am capable of dealing with the next impossible thing that comes my way.”  Read Awaken the Giant Within.
  10. In ten years from now, am I going to wish I gave it one more shot? – If there’s something you really want, fight for it.  Don’t give up no matter how hopeless it seems right now.  Remember, the best things in life don’t come easy, but they are worth the effort.  If you keep going, someday you will be able to look back over your life, smile, and say, “I never thought I could do it and I did.  I overcame all the people, heartaches, and challenges that tried to hold me back.”

Photo by: Ethan Lofton

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